Tim Samway

Compulsory reading for innovators who dare to dream big.

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Ben Kehoe has nailed the key issue facing our country today. Not Australia the lucky country, but Australia the irrelevant country!

As the world relies less on fossil fuels, our supply of them will be less valuable and less needed.

Australia’s great competitive advantage will turn into a collection of stranded assets unless we turn our minds to the next big Australian moon shots.

Interest rates are at all time lows and our governments (and corporations) have never been better placed to borrow cheaply and supercharge our future with big long term investments. In this book, Ben neatly outlines how we got here, but more importantly provides a road map for those with their hands on the levers of power so as to enable them to get cracking and make a difference. Compulsory reading for innovators who dare to dream big.

Tim Samway
Executive Chairman, Hyperion Asset Management

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