Neil Hatherly

This book is about harvesting the rewards of the IP developments made in Australia for Australians.

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My background is change roles, in a major Resource company, then Management consultancies and many Non-Executive Director appointments.

I have had the pleasure of working in a collegiate role with Ben on organisation development assignments and participating as a NED in Strategy workshops driven by Ben.

Hence, I have plenty of insight into how Ben operates and thinks.   I regard him as an excellent change agent who sees the root cause, not just the symptoms.

This book is about harvesting the rewards of the IP developments made in Australia for Australians.  As I expect from Ben, he lays out facts, draws logical conclusions and leads to a recommendation that Australia do something different with its IP.  That is to have a long-term focus on developing, commercialising and profiting from our innovation, rather than letting our IP disappear overseas.

A few of our universities are making serious attempts to commercialise IP, for instance University of Queensland via its commercialisation arm UniQuest.  However, as Ben points out via his data, much more needs to be done and Industry needs to step up their focus on innovation.

The book is extremely readable, Ben writes in an easy flowing style on high order thinking with well-presented data.

It is rare to both enjoy a book and learn; Ben has achieved that.

Neil Hatherly
Non-Executive Director

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