Geoffrey N De Lacey

A very practical approach to a hugely diverse subject area. It is both an enjoyable read and a decent user-friendly resource with long legs. It is what is needed and not often available.

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With an extensive background in strategic consulting, supported by an eclectic range of leadership roles, it was no surprise that Ben would complement his blogs by a book.

Thirty-five year’s exposure to a large range of thinkers and complex organisations led to this publication.

The book is well structured into four parts and ten chapters which are self- contained from a reference/analytical perspective, but which coalesce well within the macro “Innovation” messages.

There is an abundance of supporting data clearly aggregated in easy to follow diagrams designed to focus attention on the varied perspectives outlined in chapter frameworks.

Whilst addressing various initiatives taken by decision makers and/or governments the book is apolitical overall which is no mean feat given the subject matters addressed.

Ben has a stockpile of stories and therefore we see some great examples offered to support contentions and argument. There is a classic on page 111 regarding leadership effects based on the Exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt.

Chapter 6 takes us carefully through macro challenges addressed through history and the concomitant effects of major outcomes. The background drivers are easily identified from our contemporary perspectives. They, in turn, project our thinking to a more strategic analysis.

I read the book in one sitting and then re- read each chapter again.

Whilst there are a number of futuristic opportunities and challenges cited, I accepted some and debated others. This is part of Ben’s style i.e. to create lateral thinking, and he does this very well in his book. To aid this, there is a plethora of analysis and fact to support each discrete thought process.

It is both an enjoyable read and a decent user- friendly resource with long legs.

The management consulting fraternity will use it widely as will facilitators.

It is what is needed and not often available.

A very practical approach to a hugely diverse subject area.


Geoffrey N De lacy
Director Polaris Consulting

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