Professor Sandra Harding AO

… a view from the Australian business trenches, with a focus on what we can and should do to enhance business and elevate national prosperity.

Ian Frazer AC

The argument is put that one day, when the bubble bursts, we’ll be hungry enough, but likely it will be too late.

John Wagner

He has in simple terms named many of the challenges and problems with the Australian business culture.

Euan Murdoch

We owe it to future generations of Australians to embrace the learnings from Ben’s book.

Phil Ruthven AM

Ben has written a superb book – Innovation in Australia – that I recommend we all read. It is thoroughly researched- full of interesting facts and trends. It is a wake-up call; with, sensible and doable solutions in his closing chapter Good on you Ben. A great achievement. And done with passion. Phil Ruthven, Chief […]

Mel Bridges

This is the first book I have read that really nails the shortfalls in how Australia has managed, or better still, mismanaged our ability to successfully commercialise Australian innovation and particularly technology. Ben’s book should be mandatory for all politicians (starting with the Prime Minister), industry leaders, entrepreneurs, inventors and the wider public

Simon Mordant AM

The issue which resonates with me most is the total lack of vision in Australia.

David Fagan

… offers major insight for readers. innovation is important but how we innovate now is derivative of how we’ve innovated in the past

Michael Powell

Australia urgently needs to get back on the innovation journey, develop a vision of what it wants to be in 20,30 or 50 years and develop the strategies and big ideas needed to get there. Innovation in Australia is not just another book or report on innovation. It is not an academic treatise. It’s a […]

Tim Samway

Compulsory reading for innovators who dare to dream big.