Phil Ruthven AM

Ben has written a superb book – Innovation in Australia – that I recommend we all read. It is thoroughly researched- full of interesting facts and trends. It is a wake-up call; with, sensible and doable solutions in his closing chapter Good on you Ben. A great achievement. And done with passion. Phil Ruthven, Chief […]

Simon Horne

“Innovation in Australia by Ben Kehoe captures the spirit of The Lucky Country by Donald Horne….In my view, it is the best read since the Lucky Country!!

Michael Powell

Australia urgently needs to get back on the innovation journey, develop a vision of what it wants to be in 20,30 or 50 years and develop the strategies and big ideas needed to get there. Innovation in Australia is not just another book or report on innovation. It is not an academic treatise. It’s a […]

Rupert McCall OAM

I think when one’s first instinct is to place the book he has just read in front of his 20-year-old daughter and 18-year-old son; then it has to be a good thing.

Geoffrey N De Lacey

A very practical approach to a hugely diverse subject area. It is both an enjoyable read and a decent user-friendly resource with long legs. It is what is needed and not often available.

Linda Ginger

I have enjoyed Ben’s book I could not put it down. He poses that our humble beginnings as a nation has shaped our business culture today. It is a compelling read. I love his direct language.

John Buchanan

Ben has a naturally inquisitive approach, and so it is little wonder that at almost every turn of this fascinating read he poses questions for us to ponder. 

Professor Sandra Harding AO

… a view from the Australian business trenches, with a focus on what we can and should do to enhance business and elevate national prosperity.

John Wagner

He has in simple terms named many of the challenges and problems with the Australian business culture.

Euan Murdoch

We owe it to future generations of Australians to embrace the learnings from Ben’s book.